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When to Visit

Contact Us

Candelaria Route 67
Marfa, Texas 79843

(432) 229-4165

Current Weather



Chinati Hot Springs

Humidity: 100%
Wind: W at 4 mph

Blackout Dates

The blackout dates for 2016-17 are:  
November 20-28
December 29--Jan 1
Please note: There is no longer any day use of the springs.  All guests must have a reservation and overnight accommodations.

More Information
Annual Climate Data for Chinati Hot Springs
As you can see from the climate chart, the climate at the springs is basically characterized by five "seasons":
  • A dry, mild winter (November - February)
  • A pleasant spring (March-April)
  • A dry summer that can be very hot (May-early June)
  • A hot wet monsoon season (late June - early September)
  • A cooling, pleasant fall (late September - early November)

Each of these seasons have their charms. The monsoon often brings spectacular desert downpours and lightning shows as storms move north into the area from México's Sierra Nevada mountain range.  The spring and fall are quite pleasant,  although the spring brings a dazzling array of wildflowers.  The cacti and succulents, with their fantastically colored flowers, tend to bloom in the hot summer months after the wildflowers have run their course. And the "winter" is a relative term, especially if you are from the northern US or Europe. There is a lot to be said for cold desert nights, soaking in a steaming mineral bath, with the milky way arcing across the sky.