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Contact Us

Candelaria Route 67
Marfa, Texas 79843

(432) 229-4165

Current Weather



Chinati Hot Springs

Humidity: 100%
Wind: W at 4 mph

Blackout Dates

The blackout dates for 2016-17 are:  
November 20-28
December 29--Jan 1
Please note: There is no longer any day use of the springs.  All guests must have a reservation and overnight accommodations.

More Information
Photo by Jan Williams
So what happens if you need to make an urgent business-related call while at Chinati Hot Springs? Or if you just realize that you fly back home to New York tomorrow and you have completely forgotten to get a souvenir for your great aunt Gertrude? Or maybe you get a sudden hankering for a bottle of 1961 Brunello di Montalcino? Perhaps you were way off on the climate at Chinati Hot Springs and realize too late that it's a bit warmer than you thought ... and there was absolutely no reason to bring your full-length chinchilla? (Shame on you for even owning one!!)  Well, these issues all fall into the category of "Practicalities". So read on...

The Hot Springs Airport General Store

Yes, a few years ago you (and Aunt Gertrude) would have been out of luck . But with the opening of the Hot Springs Airport General Store all that has changed.  (To be quite honest, the opening of the store was the biggest event in Ruidosa since the adobe stared to crumble on that 2 story house on the curve back in 1909!)  Not only do they have everything that you expect from a general store, but the owner selects and ships in excellent wines from all over:  from Austin to Argentina, Chianti to California. It is conveniently located at the turn off to Hot Springs Road, so if your GPS fails you (which it will) or if Siri suddenly (and mercifully) falls mute (which she will), you can pop into the store and ask a live person for directions!!  Visit the in-store bar, considered to be most remote bar in all of Texas.

WiFi and Cell Service

You're  kidding, right?  But if you are desperate, you could drive down to the general store and have a drink in The Most Remote Bar in all of Texas, inside the general store.  There, you can access their WiFi while enjoying your drink. 

Weather at the Hot Springs

Check out the "WHEN TO VISIT" menu item for monthly averages and snappy climactic commentary, or for a real-time snapshot of weather at the Springs click on the "MORE INFORMATION" tab at the top of this page.

Don't forget to bring...

  • "Desert Chic" is the latest fashion trend at the Hot Springs (Don't tell Donatella Versaci, Donna Karan, or Mogatu!), but if you manage to not forget your swim suit, that will work too.
  • Most cabins have a small refrigerator for your favorite snacks. We mention this because although the General Store is well-stocked, they don't order using a crystal ball, so most likely they will be freshly out  of your favorite gluten-free low-carbon-footprint flash-baked taro chips.
  • A good book for reading under the cottonwood tree.
  • The directions from this web site . Remember, we warned you about your GPS and Siri.  We would hate to have to climb over Trump's wall  to negotiate your release with the Alcalde de Ojinaga just because Siri told you to go straight when Hwy 67 meets Hwy 170!!